A Teenagers Worth

It is very difficult to put a dollar amount to a person. Each one of us cries and laughs has dreams and disappointments, with hate in our minds and love in our hearts. Reaching a point of self actualization is also a very hard task especially if someone is under attack. One form is emotional, causing a person’s heart to ache too much so that it feels as if a cat is clawing its way out of their stomach. Another attack is exactly that, an assault on a person’s physical self. The last type of attack is also the most hurtful. This kind of attack is social. A social attack takes the form of a group of people telling an individual that he doesn’t belong. Many teens today feel as if they don’t belong. People want to feel like their so called normal peers. If someone doesn’t have this feeling then they will get the idea that they aren’t good enough.

The idea of being good enough is a very strange phenomenon. At what point do we become good enough. Is there a special test that can be taken that says you pass or you fail in life? So many teenagers would like to take this test and hear that they’re just doing fine. My personal opinion is that if you are doing the best you can every single day then you are good enough. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t the best student, you are good enough. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a star athlete, you are good enough. It especially doesn’t matter how popular you are. In the world outside of high school no one cares how well liked you were in the high school. What anyone who is important cares about is if you have a diploma in your hand and kindness in your heart.

I would like to tell to whoever is reading this blog that at time life sucks. People are always going to hate. I would especially like to tell you that you should never hate yourself because of others who call you names and make you feel not good enough. When you start tearing yourself down you have let them win. Never let anyone make you feel bad for being who you are. Always stay proud of what you have done. Be happy with those good people in your life and disregard all the bad ones. Once you do this I can assure you that no matter what anyone says they can never bring you down because you won’t let them.


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